Sunday, September 29, 2013

KLDN at Noble Fir a Literary Hit!

Just a few of the folks at the Noble Fir.
Last night the bravest members of our Western Washington paddled their way to the Noble Fir in Ballard to convivialize, drink and share their dirty limericks. After long (and rather heated) debate, the judges finally split the prize for dirtiest and funniest limerick three ways, between Edie Pagliasotti (newly moved here from the L.A. area), Kelly Bjork (newly moved here from Bellingham) and Bill Arnim (who's not technically a member, but is RA Dana Arnim's current arm candy and really cute). Their prize: a weekend for three at Mike's Beach Resort in the lovely Polsbo, during the annual Ooh La La Lutefisk festival. Congrats to the winners and a hearty, "Better luck next time, suckahs!" to the losers. Thanks to all for coming.

Here is the only limerick that we can publish:

Last night the Kid Lit crew got together
(Despite all the terrible weather)
Each one brought their ditties, that were dirty and witty
But must remain unpublished forever.

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