Friday, September 27, 2013

Chance to win big

Regular attendees to last fall's Professional Series Meetings may recall those red raffle tickets that earned a few lucky winners a bit of a prize and a chance for free attendance at SCBWI WWA's annual spring conference...

Guess what? The puny fee it will cost you to get into our October kick-off event, an evening with agent Jill Grinberg on Thursday, Oct. 17, will also get you one of those fancy red tickets and, yes, a chance at a free conference. Really, even without that winning chance, $8 for SCBWI members ($10 at the door, $12 for guests) is not such a terrible price to pay for:
  • Reconnecting with your kidlit community.
  • Seeing great work from local illustrators at our Keep It Simple Art Show.
  • Hearing useful info from super agent, with the chance to ask questions.
  • Checking out the snacks supplied by our beloved Snackmeister.
AND the chance to win free registration to the 2014 conference? Wow.

Sign up in advance and save yourself a few bucks. See you there!

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