Friday, September 6, 2013

How do you take your tea, Linda?

Linda Urban is coming!

Yes, the same author who conjured up the picture book Mouse Gets Mad and a veritable bounty of middle-grade novels (A Crooked Kind of Perfect, Hound Dog True, The Center of Everything). We're so excited that she's going to grace this year's Weekend on the Water with her presence that we want to let you all inside her head. Get to know the writer who creates such memorable characters with such specific talents and troubles. She's certainly made the rounds: We've compiled a Greatest Hits of some of Linda's previous interviews, so peruse at your leisure, and enjoy this whirlwind tour!

Learn about Linda's process, some incredibly useful advice, and her take on revision. Publisher's Weekly asked about her previous life working in a bookstore. In another interview, she's getting to the heart of the middle-school voice.

Whether it's taking risks in order to be true to her characters, or drinking PG Tips (milky and sweet, naturally!) to get through her writing day, Linda Urban is at the pinnacle of her craft.

We can't imagine learning from anyone better.

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