Monday, September 2, 2013

Dana Finds an Illustrator, You Find a Fun Book

See more of Hank at Storywoods
This Friday night at 7 p.m., Secret Garden Books will host the West Coast launch of Rebecca Dudley's cute-as-the-dickens picture book, Hank Finds An Egg. Rebecca is a Chicago SCBWI member with roots in Seattle that won't let go. Hank is a furry creature who finds an egg in the forest and works very hard to return it to its nest.

Modelmaker, photographer, storyteller Rebecca
When Suzanne from Secret Garden heard that Rebecca and our own Dana Sullivan were  friends, she gushed, "YOU'RE friends with the creator of this AMAZING book?! Can you get her here?" Suzanne's getting her wish — whereas if you attend, you can get lo-fi 3-D viewing glasses. Plus 30 lucky book buyers will receive a Rebecca-made keepsake! And if you have questions for Dana's interview of Rebecca that'll take place that evening, email them to Dana at

Ozzie will try to interview Hank. Send questions!
A few raves for Hank Finds An Egg:
“An artist to watch.” – Publishers Weekly starred review.   "A quietly magical little book.” – Booklist starred review.  “Beautiful from start to finish . . . something special, no question.” – School Library Journal.   “Destined to become the [book] that kids who are three today will look at with their own kids 30 years from now.” – The New York Observer.   “Hank Finds an Egg is that rare picture-book pleasure: a wholly original take on storytelling.” – The New York Times. “Ozzie’s cuter, I don’t care what everybody else thinks!” – Dana Sullivan

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