Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer illustration course for teens

This message found its way to my inbox. This could be a great opportunity for a burgeoning teen artist and illustrator this summer!

My name is Tyler Parker and I am a Seattle-based children's book illustrator. I'm writing because  thought this might be of interest to you or your members. In addition to my children's book work I teach at Cornish College of the Arts as part of their Summer At Cornish Program. 

The course that I teach is called Sequential Design and Illustration and it is essentially an introduction to illustration class for students ages 15-18. We spend a significant portion of the class focusing on narrative illustration and children's books. If there are any young illustrators who are looking to learn a bit more about illustration and children's books, this is a fun opportunity. Last year we focused a lot on character development, visual storytelling, reinterpreting classic stories and creating consistent worlds. It is a four-week course, taking place from July 8–31, 2013.

More information about the program is here, and I'd be happy to provide any more information or answer further questions. 

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