Monday, May 6, 2013

Jaime's Children's Picture-Book Illustrating Class

So who's the teacher, you may well ask?
Our very own Jaime Temairik. If you're sticking around this summer and wishing you could have an amazing instructor for your myriad picture-book ideas, then look no further: 
Here's the skinny from the Picture Book Goddess herself:
You may already be too busy today, at the University of Washington's Gerontology Webinar, but what are you doing from June 18 to July 16? 
I think you're coming to the UW to take my Illustrating Children's Picture Books class! You can even take a nap in the beautiful Quad prior to classes, I'll come wake you up, no extra charge!

With a registration link harder to find than something very, very, very hard to find, please consider joining me this summer. For illustrators and writers who want to work on pacing and visualization:
There you have it. Your summer plans are now complete.
You're welcome!

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