Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Illustrator opportunity

ATTENTION: Last-minute deadline - MAY 3!!!!

(From Tina Hoggatt:)

Illustrator opportunity

3x 3 10th annual Picture Book Show is a competition for children's book illustration that was created in 2012. Winners receive inclusion in 3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration's dedicated issue, with a free issue to those selected, and an online exhibition. Bonus: The annual is distributed internationally! Books, digital images and animations may be submitted. 
The competition will be judged by people in the industry.

Fees: $35-55 (single, series of 3 related images), Publication fees $55.

Deadline: May 3rd.

The Little Chimp Society has terrific news and other opportunities for participation.
If you can get your act together, this is a great platform for illustrators. Three, Two, One.....! Go!

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