Sunday, May 12, 2013

PSM Recap: Doin' the AdCom shuffle!

Here are some well-deserved rounds of applause for Advisory Committee members past, present and future, as mentioned during last Thursday's Professional Series meeting.

Thanks to Erik Pulkka and Chadwick Gillenwater for their AdCom service (and goodbye to Chadwick before he moves back to Indiana!). We'll miss you both! And loads upon loads of gratitude to Jaime Temairik as she steps down from the co-RA role.

·        Welcome to Tony Dorrough and Alison Weatherby, our new AdCom members!

     And, without further ado, a gigantic HURRAH! for our new leadership team: Brenda Winter-Hanson (co-RA), Dana Arnim (co-RA), and Dana Sullivan (ARA)! 

Dana A.

Dana S.


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