Sunday, May 12, 2013

Next weekend's plan: Attend the SCBWI Oregon Conference!

So, here's what you're doing next weekend. It's close, it's cheaper than you'd think, and it's going to be inspiring and edifying and packed with fellow writers and illustrators!

You're welcome!

It's SCBWI Oregon's chance to convene. Check out the details, below, on their annual conference, happening NEXT WEEKEND, May 17-18, in Portland.

Bonus: It's only a train ride away! Or getting into the meaty section of that audiobook you've been meaning to listen to but haven't had time alone in the car.

For complete details, click here.

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Flying Selki said...

If anyone is going, I need some small paintings delivered to Portland and would love a transporter, if anyone doesn't mind. If we can work it out, I could chip in toward gas.
Please let me know.