Monday, May 6, 2013

PSM Meeting Thursday: Location reminder

Just to keep you on all your toes, here's a friendly reminder about this week's Professional Series Meeting change of location:

Note: The May 9 meeting location has been changed from Demaray Hall to Otto Miller Hall. Otto Miller is located near the NW corner of the intersection of 3rd Ave. W & W Nickerson. See the Seattle Pacific University link here.

Mini-Session: We loved last year’s session of video and discussion, and thanks to Advisory Committee member/videographer Dana Sullivan, we’ll have two more local illustrators sharing their favorite ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUES in time-lapse video as well as in-person Q&A.

Main Program: FOOD LITERACY: CONNECTING GOOD EATS & GOOD READS with Philip Lee. As co-founder and former publisher of Lee & Low Books, Philip will speak on his new company, READERS to EATERS, with a mission to promote food literacy. He will discuss the need to build a new food culture, starting with a better understanding of what and how we eat, and how stories behind ethnic diversity plays an important role in our food dialogue. As an independent publisher for more than 20 years, Philip will address the challenges and opportunities that small and mid-sized publishers are facing as the industry evolves and how it impacts writers and illustrators.

This will be our last meeting of the year, so please plan to attend! We're generally pretty cheery around this time of year, so join the fracas!

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