Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Do's, Don'ts, and "Stuff" of Writer's Conferences

Happy one month until our 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference!!! I'm so excited!! And every day for the next month I'll continue our Faculty Bios & also start posting Faculty interviews! We'll be sharing other conference tips, events, and so much more!! The conference registration is full, but you can still go to the event website, and get your name on the waiting list!

To get your prepared for the conference here's a post by Donna Bowman Bratton called "The Do's, Don'ts, and "Stuff" of Writer's Conferences". It's a funny, helpful, and practical way you can get yourself ready to make the most of the conference. Donna says that the key to getting the most out of a conference is preparation. You have a month to get yourself ready, and she gives you some homework and tips to do so.

Here are a few of my favorite Don'ts and Do's of conference etiquette you should abide by:
1. Don't stalk the editor or agent- Let them go to the restroom in peace.
9. Don't wear sparkles, flags, or lighted tops in the hopes of getting noticed. I guarantee, you will be.

13. Be your genuine self. Remember, agents, editors, and award winning authors are people, too. They appreciate a friendly chat. But, at the end of a long day, respect that the speakers are tuckered out.
And I love her final tip!!
Start a conference/workshop notebook that you can add to with each event. It's an easy, efficient way to keep track of your notes. Later, it will serve as a snapshot of the many ways you strive to progress your writing and publishing journey.
Make sure you check out our posts each day for the remaining month before the conference!

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