Thursday, March 17, 2011

6th Annual BizArt Conference

Pre-Registration Deadline Monday March 21


The Business of Being an Artist

for visual, literary, performing and media artists

March 25 and 26

9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Presented by ArtsNow at Edmonds Community College

Join us at the 6th annual BizArt Conference and gather vital information and skills to succeed in the business of being an artist.

  • Cost is $99 for both days by Monday, March 21. Currently enrolled Students: $59
  • $129 after March 21, or at the door.
  • Single Day rate: $59 / $49 Students
  • A limited number of scholarships are available
  • Price includes Breakfast Snack and Lunch Buffet

2011 Conference Schedule


Workshops for All Artists

(For a Detailed Description of Each Workshop Click Here and Scroll Down the Page)

  • "Copyright Law All Artists Want to Know" - Speaker: Washington Lawyers for the Arts
  • "Writing the Artist Statement" - Speaker: Mary Jane Beufrand
  • "Better, Smarter, Richer, Seven Business Principles for Creative Entrepreneurs" - Speaker: Jacqueline Peterson
  • "Creating a Second Career in Art" - Speaker: Kathy Collins
  • "Turn Art into Cards and Cash!" - Speaker: Ray Pfortner
  • "Just Do It! An Artist's Guide to Project and Career Planning" - Speaker: Anne Belov
  • "Have Workshop, Will Travel" - Speaker: Meredith Arnold
  • "Reconciliation: Your Art and Life" - Speaker: Gloria Lamson
  • "Building Business Relationships in an Electronic Era" - Speaker: Jennifer McCord & Roberta Trahan
  • "Web & Social Media 101" - Speaker: William Frankhouser
  • "Build Your Brand. Build Your Business" - Speaker: Patricia Vaccarino
  • "100 Promotional Ideas for Under $100" - Speaker: Andre Bouchard
  • "Tax Tips for All Artists" - Speaker: Christopher Comte

Workshops for Specific Disciplines

(For a Detailed Description of Workshop Click Here and Scroll Down the Page)

  • "The Artist & Performer's Guide to Contracts" - Speaker: Dan Mayer
  • "Publish in Anthologies" - Speaker: Mindy Hardwick
  • "Exhibiting Your Art" - Speaker: Meredith Arnold
  • "No Audition Required: Producing Your Performance" - Speaker: Llysa Holland & Andrew Litzky
  • "Online Applications are Here to Stay: - Speaker: Artist Trust - Miguel Guillen
  • "All Smart Cookies Can Self-Publish!" - Speaker: Emily Hill
  • "Profiting from Periodicals" - Speaker: Carol Wissmann
  • "So? What Do I Charge for my Artwork?" - Speaker: Ray Pfortner
  • "Cooperative Galleries and Artist Collectives - Speaker: Kathy Fowells
  • "Know Your Musical Resources" - Speaker: Nancy Rumbel


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