Sunday, March 20, 2011

Check out Cheryl Klein's new book

If you haven't heard, Arthur A. Levine editor Cheryl Klein has recently published a book distilling her editorial wisdom, and we had a nice message from her about it that we wanted to share with you (along with the news about her book), particularly those of you who enjoyed hearing from her at our 2009 fall retreat:

"I recently published a book containing many of my writing talks: SECOND SIGHT: AN EDITOR’S TALKS ON WRITING, REVISING, AND PUBLISHING BOOKS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS. The book includes the speeches on point, character, plotting, and voice that I gave at the Western Washington retreat in the fall of 2009 (though the voice talk especially was revised for the book); and I thought you might be interested to know that those talks (and a lot of other nattering from me) are now available in print form. You can read more about it, including how to purchase it, at

"The book really came about because of all the kind SCBWI RAs who invited me to speak over the years, thus giving me the reason and opportunity to write the talks collected here – and that’s especially true of the Western Washington talks, as they take up about half the book! So SECOND SIGHT truly wouldn’t have happened without you."

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