Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Publicizing Websites

Thanks to Stephanie Barden for sending this information! Stephanie was looking for ways and places to publicize her up-coming book, and she came across two terrific websites.

The first is the Story Snoops website
. It was started by a group of moms. They share children's book reviews from a parent's perspective. They have a fun search feature that allows you to identify tween and teen fiction for every type of reader. "Curious about content? Our book reviews will give you the scoop! We help you find fiction that fits."

The second is the Rat Chat Reviews website. "Stanley and Morris Rat" create darling animated video reviews of kids books -- they're the Ebert and Roper of Children's Literature!

Very fun stuff to check out! Stephanie's debut book CINDERELLA SMITH comes out this spring, April 26!! You can find out more about her new book at her website.

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