Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Conference Series-Distinguished Faculty: Lin Oliver

Just a few spots left for our 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference!! We have more staff to highlight (and starting soon you'll see interviews with these fantabulous faculty). One of our Distinguished Faculty stands a little bit above the rest, because she's part of the reason SCBWI exists!! Lin Oliver is not only an author, but also just happens to be the Executive Director for SCBWI International.

Lin started SCBWI when she was writing educational books for children. She and fellow writer Steve Mooser hadn't written for children before, so they decided to go to a conference to learn more. Fortunately for all of us, there wasn't one, so they started their own, and in 1971 SCBWI was born (and now has over 22,000 members!)

After writing educational books, Lin worked as Senior VP of Television and Home Video at MCA/Universal. Lin now has her own production company, (Lin Oliver Productions), and most of her projects are based on children’s books (including the animated feature of E.B. White’s The TRUMPET of the SWAN, and the Showtime Family Film, FINDING BUCK MCHENRY, based on Alfred Slote's book, which was nominated for an Emmy).

In addition, she is a NY Times Bestselling author of the WHO SHRUNK DANIEL FUNK? series, as well as the HANK ZIPZER Series (co-written with Henry Winkler). I found a fun youtube video where Lin and Henry Winkler talk about the HANK ZIPZER series.

Here's a Q & A from an SCBWI Interview by Anna Olswanger.
How can members best take advantage of SCBWI?

The most important thing they can do is to participate. If they attend the conferences, contribute to the newsletters, participate in the critique groups, if they make friends and continue to stay in touch with their friends, there is no way that they can't benefit. It's like everything else in life. The more you put in, the more you get back.
Lin has a very interactive, kid & adult friendly, fun website you need to check out (the 20 Oddball facts are pretty fun)! If you haven't registered for the conference, get to the event website asap!

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