Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RJ Watson AND Kid Lit Drink Night on Jennifer's Island!

This coming Sunday Jennifer Mann is hosting Kid Lit Drink Night at the Harbour Public House on Bainbridge Island! Short notice you say? She did too, but there it is. The Harbour has great food and beverages AND you can walk there from the ferry, so leave the car in Seattle. Let's say it starts 7-ish.

But WAIT, THERE'S MORE: that lovable, theologically ambigous Richard Jesse Watson will be setting free the animals of his inner zoo at a lecture at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art that same Sunday from 4 - 6. Come get an earful from RJW and then buy him a snootful at the Harbour Pub! 

The only way this could get any better is if we had a song. I'll be darned, we do!

Sit right back and enjoy a tale
A tale of a pub night ride
That starts at Seattle's Coleman dock
And ends on the Bainbridge side.

Your host is a mighty drawing gal
With a new book out we hear
She invites you to set sail in search
Of a five dollar beer, a five dollar beer.

She urges all her island friends
To join in the revelry.
To get Deb Lund from Whidbey
Would be a sight to see. Would be a sight to see.

The ferry ride will be such fun
It's been too long a while
Since, Jennifer, Brenda/Dana too
Susie Watson and her RJ man
Came out to see, how fun it will be
Here on Jennifer's Isle!


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Nice poem Skipper! Should be fun.

Deb Lund said...

Wow! I got a mention in a song! I was presenting at the Silver Falls OR SCBWI retreat. So sorry I missed it. You'll sing the song for me, though, right?