Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meet the Artist #3

As part of the hoopla around our first-ever public exhibition of illustrations by SCBWI WWA artists, Update will post a mini-profile of each,* in completely random order, between now and the exhibit's closure in early January. Read about 'em here, or check them ALL out online here, or go see their work in person at the Washington State Convention Center! You can even shake their hands on Dec. 12 at our Holiday Gathering! (More info and registration here.)

Dave Wheeler

Why did you choose to submit your particular piece of art?
It was based on the idea of comfort food for a kid who has had a bad day at school.

What does being part of SCBWI mean to you?
For me, SCBWI means creative camaraderie and professional development.

What is your favorite picture book from childhood?
Probably The Sweet Smell of Christmas. I used to kick the peppermint scratch-and-sniff candy cane.

Fun fact: Dave's illustrations have appeared in publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and many more. Learn more about Dave, and see more images, on STQRY here.

*excluding only those lazy bones or privacy freaks who don't answer our email questions, of course. We love them anyway.

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