Saturday, April 20, 2013

CONFERENCE 2013: Keynote Speaker Mac Barnett

An Evening with Mac Barnett & Van Halen* (Lineup Not Final)

Author Mac Barnett was the first keynote speaker at the 22nd Annual SCBWI WWA Conference. He started off by stating that technically it was morning, and that Van Halen was unavailable. But Mac Barnett didn't need Van Halen. His humor, stories, and passion for creating wonder for kids made him the rock star this morning.

Mac shared his passion for picture books, tales from his camp counselor days, messages left for whales, and about 826 (a SUPER cool place to check out...we have one in Seattle!). You can find out more information about Mac Barnett on his website (I'm a total fan now!).

A few thoughts to take ponder:
Kids are ideal fiction readers because they get into that place of wonder.

It's our job as storytellers to get to create that place of wonder.

As a writer/illustrator-You need to deliver on your promise/bargains of creating a place of wonder for your readers. If you don’t deliver it disappoints them as readers.

Break the 4th wall. Find ways to make the fictional world break out into the real world.

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