Saturday, April 6, 2013

Conference Sneak Peek: Taylor Norman

Taylor Norman

To get to know Taylor Norman is to understand to know her almost obsessive passion: books. Specifically, books for kids. As the editorial assistant in the Children's division at Chronicle Books, Taylor comes to life on the Chronicle Books Blog, which gives fellow devotees a dose of what's going on in the kidlit world of Chronicle and beyond. What she reveals is not just the goings-on of the pub world, but also the inner workings of her insatiable book-minded mind. (Hint: She's reading Harry Potter in French!) You'll find out what's on her nightstand, or about other Chronicle authors and local happenings in the Bay Area. When she comes up to Redmond in a couple of weeks, we'll hear from her on the topic of "The Bestseller List." Believe me, she's one to talk. I, for one, want to listen. Follow Taylor on Twitter (@tayor_norm) for all her insights!

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