Sunday, April 21, 2013

CONFERENCE 2013: Robin LaFevers, Pace Yourself: Tools & Tips for Pacing Your Story

We had a wonderful session with Author Robin LaFevers. It was chock full of invaluable information on pace for your story. According to Robin:
Pace is all about momentum. Getting the reader to turn the page as quickly as possible. We are creating a compulsion through pace for our reader to turn the page.
There were so many great pace tips and tools that Robin gave. One major tip and tool for pace is conflict. Stories need to have conflict. Conflict equals tension (which drives the pacing of a story). 

Here's a question regarding conflict that Robin asked us to consider:

Is the Conflict Big Enough?
-Look at the conflict and the growth protagonist needs to overcome it.
-Is it Big Enough to sustain an entire book?
-Does it truly challenge your character?
-Will readers care?

You can find our more information on Robin, and her work, on her website

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