Friday, April 5, 2013

Conference Sneak Peek: Kelly Milner Halls

Kelly Milner Halls

Who around here can say they've published over 1,500 pieces of writing? Kelly Milner Halls, for one. She's the tireless and dedicated writer who has a knack for telling the stories behind real stories and making kids clamor for more. With a career that's spanned work for Highlights, Teen People, Chicago Tribune KidNews, Writer's Digest, and a list of standalone nonfiction books that delve into monsters, animals, and science, Kelly has probably written on more topics than anyone. With kids always in the front of her mind, and especially those reluctant readers with whom she bonds over the glories of being weird (her website's subtitle, check it out here), she's earned praise from the Junior Library Guild, Highlights for Children, and Booklist, among many other awards and nominations. Come hear how this intrepid Spokane resident has found her niche, stuck with it, and evolved with a changing market and her own passions for subject matter. 

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