Sunday, April 21, 2013

CONFERENCE 2013: Kelly Milner Halls, Keynote Speaker: Being Weird and Loving It!

This morning's fabulous keynote was Author Kelly Milner Halls. Kelly comes to us from the Inland NW region of SCBWI, and lives in Spokane, WA. Kelly has made a successful career of writing what she loves- nonfiction writing! She was the kid who always wanted to know the answers. In high school she fell in love with journalism, and later decided she wanted to write for kids. She didn’t want to write for adults, they were boring. 

She writes non-fiction because “I want the answers to my questions- and to share them with kids like me.” Kelly made us laugh and moved us to tears with her tales of her adventures as a writer (and great school visits). I love the parting words of wisdom that Kelly gave us, "Write your authentic book. There is a kid out there somewhere like you and you don’t want to disappoint them."

You can find out more information (and check out an amazing interactive website for kids) at Kelly's website

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