Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conference Sneak Peek: Stacy Whitman

Stacy Whitman

Stacy Whitman wears many hats. She's an editor, a marketing specialist, a blogger, a publisher, and at Tu Books, the imprint of Lee & Low that she oversees, she's gone from Editorial Director to Publisher. With a background at Wizards of the Coast, Houghton Mifflin, and other publishing stops, Stacy is a true SF/F devotee, and her taste in books reflects that. To check out her exceedingly impressive credentials, see her blog, and also check out an interview she gave a few years back. She is nothing if not intrepid, and a life-long lover of great stories and storytelling. When she stands before us at the annual conference, she'll be talking on the topics "Beyond Orcs and Elves: Human Diversity in SF/F" and "World-Building 101."

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