Sunday, December 30, 2012

A note from Rollin

Dear SCBWI friends,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Sorry for my long silence but I was so overwhelmed by your well wishes on the poster and the check for economic assistance that I didn’t know how to respond. It is one thing to sign a poster with hopeful thoughts and kindly offer up some money and something quite different to receive it. I was so in awe of the kind words of hope and positive thinking plus the check that I was speechless. My sister said, “A simple thank you will do, just say it soon.” I am sure she is correct but I want to add a little news.
I have chosen the Gerson Therapy, which goes on the premise that cancer is a chronic symptom and that the disease is a failing immune system. So I am out to heal my immune system so it can heal my chronic diseases but it is expensive, as Medicare or insurance does not cover it--though it is the least expensive way to heal cancer. Two years of therapy at about $28,000.00 in food and supplements and the cost of my doctor to oversee the process plus my need to spend almost two thirds of my day in juicing and other health care, it leaves precious little time to earn a living. So when the check arrived, it was enough to cover one month of food and some supplements. I was so grateful, again thank you very much. Thank you, Joni, for gather it all together to send to me.
The poster sits on the wall at the end of my bed so all of the positive thoughts can give me a good start each morning and a peaceful way to end my day. Thank you, Dana, for creating it for every one to sign.
Thank you all for the joy you have sent to me.
Be well, create lots,
PS, Please visit my healing site.

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