Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Events this week

On Thursday, January 3, from 78:30pm, Bill Kenower will lead a monthly roundtable at East West Bookshop in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood. Here is your chance to talk about success, failure, acceptance, rejection, writer's block, writer's envy, and a writer's joy. Everything will be on the table, and everyone is welcome. Sign up now. Space is still available.

Northern Network Meeting:
Wednesday, January 3
Barnes & Noble, Bellingham (Meridian St.)

Topic: "Bringing Balance to the Writing Life"
Laundry, grocery shopping, kids (and their activities), a day job (maybe two), errands, family obligations, and… writing. How can one writer balance the writing life with all the daily life that gets in the way?
Join us to hear full-time writer Barbara Davis Pyles talk about how to write for a living while keeping up with all that life throws your way.
Call Rebecca Van Slyke (360-354-5797) if you have questions. Hope to see you all there!

Novel Re-Vision: Editing Your Manuscript for Story 
Saturdays, beginning January 5–February 23, 10am-12:30pm

For those who feel like they need a little push/assistance in revising their novel, Lois Brandt's novel revision class begins January 5 at Bellevue College. 
This is an intensive hands-on class. You will be expected to work on your novel and complete assignments between class sessions. In-class exercises and critiques will help you recognize the parts of your manuscript that convey story and those that don’t. Each student will compile a list of edits necessary to revise their novel. Prerequisite for the class: a completed draft novel.  Cost:  $195.00
Instructor Lois Brandt welcomes email queries for those wondering if this is the right class for them.
For more information please follow this link to the Bellevue College website.

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