Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great Critique recap

Group led by Ann Gonzales

Monday night's Great Critique was a huge success! It was fun to listen to the buzz as the groups dispersed... people talking about revision ideas, manuscript problems solved, (or at least identified,) and new friendships made. 

Group led by Karen Lee Schmidt

A big hearty thank you to this years leaders: Holly Cupala, Ann Gonzalez, Janet Lee Carey, Helen Landalf, Kevin Emerson, Trudi Trueit, David Patneaude, Liz Mills, Peggy King Anderson, Meg Lippert, Tom Brenner, Donna Bergman, Wendy Wahman, Deborah Reber, Richard Jesse Watson, Julie Paschkis, Karen Lee Schmidt and Craig Orback. 

Group led by Wendy Wahman

AND we were able to collect about 100 books for our Sandy Hook Elementary Book Drive. Thank you to everyone who donated. We truly have such a generous region!

Some of the books we collected for Sandy Hook

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