Monday, January 7, 2013

The Monday Scoop.....

Happy Monday. Here's a smattering of things to get your brains percolating....

First, if you are all signed up, don't be late for tonight's Great Critique!
When: 7pm 
Where: Seattle Pacific University, Demaray Hall
This event is closed. If you didn't register this time around, start working on something for next year. It's one of those amazing events that our chapter offers, but you have to register ahead of time.

Second, here's a lovely (if not sarcastic) link found on Twitter today. Don't we all just really need to know what The Next Big Trend in YA is?

Thirdly, Rebecca Van Slyke reports the following news from the Northern Network:

Last Wednesday the Northern Network was treated to an inspiring talk by Barb Davis-Pyles. She talked about “Bringing Balance into the Writing Life.” Those darn “little things”—laundry, house cleaning, surfing the ‘Net—keep pushing our “big things,” like writing and illustrating goals, aside.  How do you have time for both? Barb recommends these steps:
1.      Label the “big rocks” that fill up your jar: family, job, writing/illustrating goals, etc.
2.      Be specific with your goals: “I will complete a picture book manuscript by the end of this month.”
3.      Then think very small. Break your goal into smaller steps: “I will make a dummy of my book this weekend.”
4.      Commit to working toward your goal for 15 minutes a day. Remember, “I can do ANYthing for 15 minutes. “ Then if things go well, you can keep going. If not, quit after 15 minutes.
5.      Schedule your 15 minutes into your day. Studies show that earlier times evolve into habits easier.
6.      Stay on track. Get an accountability partner or reward yourself for goals met.
7.      If you fall off the wagon, get back on again.
Remember, a balanced life is all about creating good habits!

Dana Antrim shares an important link for all illustrators on how to price your artwork. It's well worth the look and listen.

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