Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank you from Kirby

Thank you all so much for making last night so special for me. I loved the "champagne substitute" toast and the festive spirit and the thoughtfulness.

I am mad at myself b/c I wrote at the top of my speech to thank Dana Sullivan for that wonderful banner he made, depicting Christy and me as little girls. If there's a way to thank him in the update, I'd love for that to happen.

(Editor's note: It's not a miracle, just hard-working volunteers, but here it is!)

And Deb, I will cherish that warm introduction but especially that comment that you think I'm hip. I'm definitely telling my kids that. And I had totally forgotten walking the ALA floor with you that day. What a story.

Deb Lund and Kirby Larson

I am so blessed; thank you all.


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