Friday, December 7, 2012

Critique Groups 101

And now, a few words from SCBWI-WWA Critique Coordinator Kerri Kokias:

What is a Critique Group?
A critique groups is a group of authors or illustrators who connect regularly, either online or in person, to share their work and get honest feedback. They give one another encouragement, share general craft and marketing information, and most importantly, offer ideas for revision.

How do Critique Groups work?

The format for critique groups is flexible and can vary greatly. Some groups meet in person, while some exchange material and feedback online. Many implement a combination of the two. Typically groups meet monthly, but some meet more, or less, frequently. Some stick to a specific genre of children’s literature while most have members of varying genres. Basically, members can mold the group to best meet their needs.

How can I get involved in a Critique Group?

Writing classes, conferences, Professional Series meetings and events like The Great Critique all provide excellent opportunities to meet other writers and illustrators and form critique groups.
If you are a member of SCBWI International, I can help put you in contact with other writers/illustrators to join, or create a critique group that would be a good fit for you. I’m available at Professional Series meetings or by email. Please provide your name, genre, area where you live, e-mail address, and whether you’d prefer to in an online or in-person group.
Watch for Kerri's post Critiquing 101 coming later in the month!

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