Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reminder: COOKIES! and BOOKS! this Thursday

A handy reminder to come to Thursday night's Professional Series meeting, featuring author, coach, and teacher Christi Krug, who will help get us through those horrible writing blocks, and a celebratory toast (or twenty) and presentation to Kirby Larson, our Crystal Kite Award winner!

As if those weren't enough reasons to make merry, 'tis the season's meeting that includes:

1) a final RAFFLE for some lucky someone out there to win tuition to the next regional SCBWI conference here in April 2013!


2) the world-famous, annual COOKIE SWAP! Bring a plate of your most delectable handmade holiday cookies and ye shall be judged on their deliciousness and awesomeness (3 cookies from each plate will be pulled by the judges, and the rest will be set out to share). It's a win-win, even if you lose, because we'll all be extremely happy to sample your wares! You must enter by 6:45pm, and the winner will be announced during the meeting. Prizes awarded!

and (and!!!)

3) the annual BOOK SWAP! Here's the skinny:
Bring a book, take a book. Picture books, middle grade, young adult, instructional books - whatever you think will be useful, appreciated and read. We'll set up a table for you to drop your books at the beginning of the meeting. Then, as we enjoy our cookies and praise the winners the redistribution will begin. We aim to have that table bare by the end of the evening. Any books left will be donated to Page Ahead.

See you Thursday - it's going to be a fabulous meeting.

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