Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Children's Writer/Illustrator Holiday Gift Guide

(Compiled by Kerri Kokias… in case Santa’s reading. Also as a disclaimer that these are just some of my personal favorites. There are a lot of other publications, resources and businesses writers/illustrators might support.)

This can be a blank notebook/sketchbook, a nice pen, art supplies, software, or even a book of stamps to encourage submissions in the upcoming year.

A Bulletin Board
Every author/illustrator needs a place to post inspirational quotes and images.

A Scheduled Date
Take your friend to see an admired writer/illustrator speak. Check local newspapers, books stores, event venues, and author/illustrator websites for event listings.

Illustrator’s Fine Art Prints
Many illustrators sell prints of their work on their websites or through Google some of your, (I mean, your gift recipients), favorite illustrators to see if they have prints for sale. And don’t forget to support illustrators in our region!

The Gift of Time
This could be as grand as sending your favorite author/illustrator to a luxury lodge (spa!) for a weekend of writing/illustrating time; or as simple as providing childcare or errand running to free up the person’s time.

2013 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market
Filled with in-depth information on how to get published, including tips on writing for children, interviews with best-selling children’s book authors, advice from literary agents, and hundreds of listings for children’s book publishers.

Subscription to a Publishing Industry Magazine

McMullens Subscription
McMullens is McSweeney’s new children's book imprint. You can subscribe to get 8 books mailed to you (I mean, your gift recipient) as they are they are released.

Gift Certificate to a Favorite Bookstore
Book people love books!

Registration for an Art or Writing Class
Check class listings at local colleges, art supply stores, and writing centers.

Registration for a Writing/Illustrating Conference or Retreat
Start with for a listing of SCBWI’s international and regional events.

SCBWI Gift Membership
The benefits of an SCBWI membership are endless.  Talk about the gift that keeps giving!

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