Monday, April 16, 2012

Editor and Agent Panel Questions

Our team is busy finalizing all of the details for the SCBWI Western Washington conference THIS WEEKEND! We can't wait, and we hope that you're excited, too!

One of the first things we do to kick off the conference is a short Q&A panel to become acquainted with all of the editors, agents, and art directors and get a feel for their take on the state of the market. We have a couple of questions, but we know that you probably do, too. What do you want to know? Here's your chance!

Mail any questions you have for our editors and agents collectively, and we might have a chance to ask during the panel.
Send them to me at kim at scbwi-washington dot com.

Here's a peek at the schedule and you can find more details for the (sold out) conference and faculty here.

See you soon!

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