Saturday, April 21, 2012

Conference 2012 photos (and more)

The editor and agent panelFaculty on parade!Crowd shot!Helen's fan clubStephanie Barden, Cinderella SmithI've already written the book, now I have to write more?
Helen LandalfSomebody's gonna win this ARCStephanie Barden, Cinderella SmithHelen Landalf with her ARC of FlyawayLois Harris, Charlie Russell, Tale-Telling Cowboy ArtistAnd the winner of my ARC is...
Still stallingA little help?Thanks kidStephanie Barden's a great writer, but can she draw?I love this book.What's your name, kid?
Will you illustrate my next book?And you won MY book, you lucky kid.Bookfest in October? Nice tent.You just won "And Then Comes Halloween!"This woman!Jennifer Wolf, Breaking Beautiful ARC

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