Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crystal Kite Award Presentation: Bonny Becker

The Crystal Kite Awards, voted on by peers, are given by the SCBWI each year to recognize great books from 15 regional SCBWI regions around the world.

Bonny Becker chose to be presented with her Crystal Kite Award for A BEDTIME FOR BEAR here at our local Western Washington conference.

The Bear books for Bonny are so natural, that they are easy. That said, it took twenty years for her to get there.

Bonny wants us to acknowledge the force inside us, that need that wants to be expressed.

There are times you can get a flash of inspiration suddenly. That's what happened for Bonny with Bear. There are those problems in life that seem to continually creep up, those things that won't go away until you deal with them. Bonny, as a writer, naturally came up with a metaphor and saw those problems as a mouse that kept popping up and wouldn't go away.

Bonny came to realize she knows Bear and Mouse, and that the books were so easy to write because she now knows the core of herself better.

Begin to discover what works for you. Often writers resist what comes naturally to them. Ask yourself what you may be resisting.

Ask yourself: What's your way of writing? How do you call up your muse?
What's that fire inside of you about? Then honor it.

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