Saturday, January 30, 2010

Try a writer's refuge

Caitlin Sullivan went to the Whidbey Island Writer's Refuge and came back all fired up. Here's her review:

I never realized that one of the things that inspires me to keep writing is to feel like a serious writer. From the minute you book your stay at WIWR until you leave reluctantly, you are treated with respect and the assumption that you will be productive in your time here.

Everything is set up for one person--you do not have to accommodate anyone else. The kitchen is only for you, there is only one chair, one desk, etc. There aren't just pencils provided, they are sharpened. You don't just have Internet connection, it's wireless and easy to connect to. In other words, you matter, you're important, and the solitude you need is supported. I can't guarantee that everyone will have a breakthrough in their writing as I did, but it sure helps to have a steady message day in and day out that nothing else matters more than your work, your real work.

When you're done writing for the day, you can go on incredible walks through the woods, by beaches, view wildlife, keep your thoughts IN the writing. But as soon as you'd like a little contact, you can get out to the charming town of Langley where there are FOUR bookstores, several restaurants, organic grocery stores, antiques, etc. And, you're only about 45 minutes from Seattle. The site is very clear and walks you through the sign-up process; yes, it would be nice to have these kinds of retreats be free but I personally don't have time to apply to all them and I don't want to wait to see if I've been accepted or rejected. This places costs way less than a resort with the same surroundings, and you are not bothered by the hosts. I am very grateful for this refuge and will return as soon as I possibly can.

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