Friday, January 15, 2010

Another reason to seek an agent

Slush piles are starting to melt because publishers no longer want to pay to wade through them, according to the Wall Street Journal. (And yet, the same story claims Writers House gets 100 queries a month. Per day, maybe.)

Anyway, it's an interesting read and covers both screenwriting and books. Here's the intro:

In 1991, a book editor at Random House pulled from the heaps of unsolicited manuscripts a novel about a murder that roils a Baltimore suburb. Written by a first-time author and mother-to-be named Mary Cahill, "Carpool" was published to fanfare. Ms. Cahill was interviewed on the "Today" show. "Carpool" was a best seller.

That was the last time Random House, the largest publisher in the U.S., remembers publishing anything found in a slush pile. Today, Random House and most of its major counterparts refuse to accept unsolicited material.

Check out the rest.

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