Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pitchfest! Ends tonight

The Caren Johnson literary agency is letting folks pitch them on projects today--and today only. The details:

  1. Post your pitch on the CJLA FORUM ( on Thursday, January 28th. This means 12AM until the following 11:59PM. No exceptions. Any pitches posted outside of those time stamps won't be responded to. (We have to draw the line somewhere.)
  2. Your pitch should be no more than 100 words long and tell us the overall concept/hook of your book. We do not want to hear the whole plot. This is good for us, and good for you. (For tidbits on how to pitch tightly, please see this previous blog post of mine.)
  3. You may only pitch one project.
  4. You may only pitch to one of us. (Since we overlap in YA, please take a closer look at the types of YA Caren and I each represent. She tends toward more paranormal and romance, I tend towards more speculative and high-concept.)
  5. Your book needs to be finished, because we'll be requesting material from this session.
Get more info here.

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