Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How should authors market themselves?

Nathan Bransford, as usual, has good insights:

Instead: do what you're best at. Don't make yourself miserable doing what you think you should be doing, do what you enjoy doing. Utilize your time where it's best spent:
- If you have a talent and passion for blogging: do that.
- If you enjoy Twitter and know the ins and outs: do that.
- If you are a great public speaker and love attending writers conferences: do that.
- If you have media connections and can utilize them: do that.
- If you love pounding the pavement and meeting with local bookstores to arrange signings and events: do that.
- If you are an amateur filmmaker on the side and have an idea for a killer book trailer: do that.
- If you think creatively and enjoy thinking of wacky publicity events: do that.
- If you are fabulously wealthy and you want to drop books from an airplane with $100 bills attached: do that, and please make sure to stop by San Francisco.

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Gregory K. said...

I completely agree with him. I'd just add that most of online "marketing" for folks doing what we do revolves around being visible and making connections. It doesn't revolve around saying "buy my book!" Even that shift of thinking can make the process more fun. But no matter what... do only what you can do and remember to breathe :-)

Martha Brockenbrough said...

This is good advice. That said, I'd recommend that people try stuff out even if it doesn't feel familiar. Maybe not everything, but if you haven't tried pounding the pavement and such before, you might not know how much you like it.

Hope you're doing well, Greg! Thanks, as always, for the comments.