Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hurry! Get on the Inside track!

Inside Story is under a week away!

Which means, dear SCBWI-WWA folk, your presence will make all the difference! Please come!
Support all the great work by your colleagues and mentors, ideas that became BOOKS. Mockingbird Books is the place to be, starting at 4pm. Please RSVP to info@mockingbirdbooksgl.com to attend.

Featured presenters include:

Dana Sullivan, Karen Lewis, Patrick Flores-Scott, Jaime Temairik, Roy Kindelberger, Elizabeth Rose Stanton, Nina Laden, Kathryn O. Galbraith, Dia Calhoun, Craig Orback, Brenda Z Guiberson, Suzanne Williams, Richard Jesse Watson, Samantha R. Vamos, Stasia Ward Kehoe, Lorie Ann Grover, and Matthew Porter.

Inside Story is more than a celebration of new books. It’s inspiration to create your own! The event began as an opportunity to support our local bookstores and librarians, and it’s stuffed with information on the “inside stories” of children’s books from picture books to YA—with the feel of a fast-paced game show.

Our Western Washington Inside Story has been so successful that the international SCBWI is now piloting it with numerous chapters across the United States. Read about that here

At our upcoming Inside Story, you’ll hear a little about its history from Laura Kvasnosky, who created the concept for this popular event. In the late 1990s, George Shannon spearheaded brainstorm sessions with authors and children's booksellers. With George's help, Laura's idea took hold, and Chauni Haslett, a well-loved bookseller who ran All For Kids Books and Music, offered her program room as a place to meet. The rest, as they say, is history. Inside Story has evolved through the years, but the mission remains to support our local bookstores and those who connect books with kids.

Don’t miss this special celebration of our Inside Story being sent out into the world. Invite librarians, booksellers, teachers, and families to join in the fun. Come hang out with your peers, play the trivia game, win books, and gobble up scrumptious munchies!

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