Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kid Lit Drink Night a Howling Success!

We were all in costume. Guess which one is Brenda.
You should have been at the Ram last night, because the dirty kid lit-themed limericks were flying fast and furious. Beth Stanton even brought two, complete with illustrations! The judges (me) couldn't decide whose was best, so Dana Arnim, Helen Landalf, Beth Stanton and Brenda Winter Hansen will all be sharing one seat on Jack Gantos' private jet when he flies home from his gig at the UW on Nov 7. They are on the hook for somehow getting back home. Brenda, also winner of the costume contest, will be getting one complimentary beverage on that jet.

Here are the limericks:
A vampire trying his luck,
Tipped the waitress a whole extra buck,
Within five minutes of flirt,
She saw blood on her shirt, 
So she slapped him and said,

Dude, you suck!

There was a young wizard named Harry
Who of girls was suspiciously wary
When he stumbled upon
A fine fellow named Ron
He said, "Now it makes sense: I'm a fairy!"

There was a young wizard named Potter
Who, as he grew older, got hotter
Mrs. Weasley & Pa
They laid down the law
And said keep your mitts off our daughter!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton
okay, this isn't really a limerick, but it's gross and illustrated, so it's a winner in my book

Even better: gross, illustrated AND a limerick. Well done, Beth!

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