Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The illustrators were met...and how!

Saturday's "Make Art and Meet the Illustrators" Day was just glorious. We all owe Tina Hoggatt, our Public Event Coordinator, a big, fat thanks for putting together our first-ever illustrator show at the Convention Center and then coordinating this day of art-making. Another load of big thanks goes to the many illustrators who got messy with the kids. Some showed how to crack secret codes, some how to make books, others how to cut stuff out and glue it back in wonderful ways and others just stepped back and let the kids rip.

Finally, another thanks and declaration of eternal gratitude to Christy MacDonald and Suzanne Perry of Secret Garden Books, who made sure we had books by our illustrators to sell at the event. Thanks to all of you. Here are some photos from writer/illustrator Elizabeth Blake, mom Teresa Mundel and yours truly (Dana Sullivan, who took the below pics, unless otherwise specified).
Admiring the art (photo: Kjersten Hayes)
Step right up! This way! (photo: Kjersten Hayes)
What a crowd!
Wendy Wahman captivates the kids.
Sarah Romano Diehl and Bronwyn
The long-necked dinosaur
Cracking codes with Kathryn Dennis
Ollie's monster
Minah's monster
Yay, Secret Garden Books!
Making books with Wendy
The soccer mouse
The fashion plate
She's a writer AND illustrator!
Too busy to smile
A perfectly framed pumpkin
Susie and Richard Jesse Watson
Dana Arnim and Brenda Winter Hansen
Dad gets into it too!
Robyn finds a typo.
"I didn't do everything!" "Shut up, Tina!"
Sami knows his stripes.
Mili and Sami
Collage grads
Some even limped in.
Spencer and Dana
Art everywhere!
We love Suzanne and Christy!
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Future watercolor society members

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