Monday, August 15, 2011

Third Annual Random Acts of Publicity

Author & Writing Teacher Darcy Pattison is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Random Acts of Publicity Week: It’s all about your friend’s book!

The Random Acts of Publicity Week is the four days after Labor Day and is dedicated to writers paying-it-forward by helping promote a friend’s book.

Each day, we will recommend a simple act of promotion for a friend’s book: write and post a review, tell someone about the book, link to the author’s page, etc.

This year, we have lots planned: guest posts by experts in publicity, prizes and more. I’m not ready to tell details until mid-August, but here’s a hint at what’s coming.

* Focus your promotion efforts: Major publicist guest post
* FREE 15-minute phone publicity consultation: Enter your Friend’s Name/Book
* How to get your book reviewed: Guest post
* FREE ebook How To Get Your Book Reviewed: Enter your Friend’s Name/Book
* Book Trailers to Catch Readers: Guest post
* FREE 1-minute Book Trailer: Enter you Friend’s Name/Book

Would you like to participate in the week? We are asking that bloggers post about promotion and publicity during this week, then put a link to the post on the Facebook Page. Some suggestions–but feel free to take it anywhere within this slant on publicity:

Remember the focus is on your Friend’s Book or on what a Friend can do to help your book. It isn’t about promotion or publicity in general, but on how one person can help another.

The Facebook Page for this event has the full details (you can also check out Darcy's blog).

The focus all week is giving, paying forward, helping others. We hope you’ll plan now to participate!

Thanks to Martha for sending this!

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