Monday, August 1, 2011

LAX rideshares

The SCBWI conference in LA is fast approaching. If you want to share a ride from LAX to the hotel (and back afterward), now is the time to send in your travel times to Erik Pulkka, volunteer transportation coordinator, at

Erik has a list of people arriving at LAX almost every hour on Aug 4, but only two cabs being shared so far. So send him your arrival and departure times and he'll try to pair you up. Every dollar saved is a dollar you can spend on a book!

Here are the costs and travel time of getting to the hotel from LAX:

  • Estimated cost in a cab, shared (2-4 people): $40-50 plus tip, total, for a travel time of 30-45 minutes.
  • Super Shuttle: $13 plus tip per person, but travel time up to 2 hours

By sharing, you can get there much faster for about the same price. Contact Erik today. For those who have already sent in their info, he will contact you as soon as he has a ride match for you.

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