Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A writer's payday

Peg Kehret has an entertaining and thoughtful post up about the work we do and the money it brings.
Kids sometimes ask me (usually to their teacher’s or parent’s chagrin) how much money I make. I respond by explaining how royalties work. They assume that if I wrote the book, I get all the money from the book’s sales so they are often outraged to learn that when they purchase a paperback book for $6.99, my share - a standard six percent royalty - is forty-two cents. I then explain that my agent gets fifteen percent of everything I earn, in this case, six cents. So that puts my share at thirty-six cents per book. I’m considered a business by the State of Washington so I pay a Business and Occupation Tax and, of course, I pay federal income tax, as well. Why would anyone in their right mind work for such a pittance?
Find her answer at her blog.

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