Friday, February 5, 2010

Speak up for librarians

A librarian sent this our way. These people need our voices, so if you have time, please consider speaking up in support of their work:

The federal jobs bill was introduced this morning in the Senate, and despite a $20 billion provision for public service jobs, library workers are left out. A vote might come as early as Monday.

ALA's position is that libraries have suffered federal, state and local funding cuts. We are THE free community link to the Internet for many citizens, and we are providing the means and training for job seekers.

My own library system has cut, demoted and laid off staff, but our branches are busier serving the public than ever before. Other libraries are cutting staff, hours, materials and services. Many have upcoming levy lid lift elections for operating funds. If those fail, more draconion cuts will result.

This link makes it easy for you to send a message to your Senators--the software sends your message to the appropriate legislators automatically. Please consider completing this form and sending it, in turn, to others. That's easy, too.

Thanks very much. Yes, cops and firefighters deserve support through this bill, but library workers are filling a day-to-day community need for millions of citizens in the middle of our own funding crisis. Help us preserve jobs and be there for our citizens in need.

Here's the link.

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