Friday, February 26, 2010

The ebook platform for kids?

GalleyCat had this fascinating item about the Nintendo DS (a new version of it, anyway). The thing to note here is that this particular toy is the iPhone/Holy Grail/fetish object of the 5-and-up set. It could have huge implications for children's books:

Retailing for $189.99 and coming in both burgundy and bronze editions, the Nintendo DSi XL will help the gaming company grab a spot in the eBook universe.

The new device will launch with a stylus, a screen 93 percent larger than the Nintendo DS Lite model (pictured), and special eBook package. According to the company, the new device will launch March 28.

Here's more from eBookNewser: "In June, according to BusinessWeek, the company will introduce '100 Classic Books,' a collection of public domain works for reading on the DSi XL. The collection will cost $19.99. Obviously, this is a move to avoid being eclipsed by Apple's iPad, which will be used by many--as are the iPhone and iPod Touch--to play games, most likely more sophisticated ones that its smaller cousins can handle."

Go to GalleyCat.

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