Thursday, February 11, 2010

Techno hate and ink pots

Michele Torrey has a blog post that's fun to ponder on a Thursday. Here's an excerpt:

All this has got me thinking. Just how and when did my life became so interconnected with computers, the Internet, and email? Just when did my entire day get flushed down the loo if my computer froze or had to spend a week with Dr. PC? Anymore my days consist of dozens of emails, electronic manuscripts, copyedits in WORD, htmls and pdfs and jpgs and tifs, chirps and tweets. In fact, there’s so much techno “support” for my career that I can hardly get any writing squeezed in there.

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jesse joshua watson said...

Man, this is scary, eh? If that big magnetized asteroid passes too close, we shall all be wandering the streets aimlessly with our defunct plastic shells of what our lives once were. sigh.

I'm goin' outside...