Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sugar Says ... 

Here's what you'll get but only if you sign-up:

Jennifer March Soloway Master Class
Preparing for Submission: Pitches and Opening Pages
Streamlining and polishing your novel or picture book manuscript.


When:  October 13, 2016
              3 to 5 p.m.,

Where: Seattle Pacific University,
             Bertona Hall, Room 6 (#65 on the map)


Topics covered:

·       Grabbing an agent’s attention

·       Queries

·       Writing a great pitch

·       Rejections and offers


·       Reviewing a sample first page

·       Hooking the reader by amping the tension

·       Getting the drama moving

 Picture books:

·       Strong opening lines

·       Clever language and surprising twists

 Crafting a pitch to:

·       Hook the reader

·       Tantalize without giving away the plot


·       Tips for revision and tightening prose

Now that you're hooked, here are your next steps if you've already registered for your Passport:

Open your Passport confirmation email, click on the link provided, paste your confirmation number into the SCBWI Western Washington cvent web page and hit “OK." Click the “Modify” button, scroll to the bottom and click “next” where you will find the Additional Opportunities, including the “October 2016 Master Class with Jennifer March Soloway.”

Here are your next steps if you have NOT registered for your Passport and you want to take Jennifer's Master Class:

You need to have a Passport in order to register for Jennifer's Master Class. Remember, our first meeting is Wednesday October 12 from 7-9pm. Don't delay, go to the SCBWI-WWA website using this link to register for your Passport and Jennifer's Master Class:

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for the beginning of a season filled with awesome writing and illustrating and networking, and fun!


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