Monday, October 31, 2016

Book Launch for Corey R. Tabor!

What's a fox to do when he wants to win the jumping contest, but cant jump well? Scheme, of course. Corey Tabor's witty debut, Fox and the Jumping Contest, tells the classic tale of a lovable trickster just trying to make his way in the world. Filled with brilliant, funny animal personalities, the mixed-media cartoons are all but alive. We invite you to laugh along with us at a book reading and signing with Tabor.

When: Tuesday • November 15
             University Bookstore - U. District                 

Corey R. Tabor is a skateboard-riding, beard-growing, book-devouring illustrator. He creates his illustrations with pencil and watercolor and a dose of digital wizardry. Corey lives in Seattle with his lovely wife and spends his time making pictures and stories, including Fox and the Jumping Contest, his picture book debut. You can visit him online at

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