Thursday, April 2, 2015

Top THREE reasons!

The final countdown of really, really good reasons...and counting down the days till our conference actually happens! SO. What are the Top Three reasons to attend our chock-full-o'-goodness program the weekend of April 17?

We'll put you out of your misery:

Number Three: We're all newbies! 
Think our conference is a showcase for the experienced attendee? No way! No matter how many times you come, you're starting fresh. We try hard to make our VIP faculty, guests, and local success panelists different each time. By shaking up the lineup for every conference, as well as the content of their sessions, we're all starting from scratch. We're all in it together, hearing it all for the first time. We are all eager to hear everything so we can absorb it and let it carry us through the weekend, through conversations with fellow attendees, and through our own work the rest of the year.

Number Two: 2017. 

No, it's not an Olympic year. But it IS a special year, because that's the next time our conference is happening. And while it may be hard to imagine waiting TWO WHOLE YEARS until our next extravaganza, it should help motivate you to register before you miss out and have to wait for––count 'em–-24 months. Can you wait that long? We can't! And our work can't either. Why postpone the chance to rub shoulders with nationally known authors and illustrators and be in thrall to their wit and wisdom, when you could be part of the fun in a mere two-ish weeks? We hope to see you there!

Number One: THE FIRE!!!
Inspiration is what fuels our conference. We are surrounded by it all weekend as we learn from published pros and each other. The creative process, we know, ignites fully when like-minded individuals come together. The energy and the excitement that occur spontaneously throughout our event inspire our own passions and reinvigorates our own work. Your inspiration will burst into flame, sustaining us until the next time. (In 2017. –SOB!– But there's always our national SCBWI conferences, in NYC in winter and LA in summer. Check them out!)

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